Friday, November 20, 2009

2009 P-Town Classic Wrapup

2009 Surf Contest Site

The Judging Crew hard at work
The Global Climate Change demonstration (350) we took part in during lunch break

Travis Payne drops in at the Nelscott Tow-in Event

2009 P-Town Post Event Report
The 2009 P-Town Classic is in the books. Another great event went off without a hitch. Competitor feedback was awesome sounds like everyone had a blast. Once again we had large surf to deal with but I think everyone would agree the waves were contestable and pretty fun. It was amazing how good some of the competitors made it look. Tyler Payne, Todd Johnson, and Shawn Rhodes put on quite a display. Yes it’s true, I allowed Jeff Clark to ride his standup paddleboard in the longboard event. He assured me he wouldn’t wack anyone with the paddle and would let the others get a few waves too. Jeff was totally mellow and a ton of fun to surf with.
Saturday night after the surf contest a party was held at the Payne house for Travis Payne and Jeff Kafka. Jeff and Travis had just returned from the Nelscott Tow-in Contest in Oregon. They competed again some of the best tow-in teams in the world in 30 foot surf. The P-Town boys shined making the final and finishing 4th overall. Travis also finished 4th in the Paddle-in Contest. Awesome job boys, way to represent.
Sunday morning came pretty quickly. Sunday the weather was unbelievable. A perfect day for golf I reckon. We hit the links at about 11:30am. The course was in good condition but the greens were a little challenging. Midway through the round Steven Baker and I agreed, Sharp Park is no place for Country Club Sissies. If you hit your putt and it rolls every direction except straight you have to take it like a man. Remember it’s the same for everyone and good smooth greens are too easy anyway(total lie). Adam Stone shot the low score of the day, 78. Scores were a little on the high side for the level of players I’m sure due to the rough greens. Keith Terryberry won the Long Drive Competition - 292 yards, holy shit! Keith seems to get better every time he plays, what the hell is his secret. The closest to pin winners were Jeremiah Johnson, Tom Carson and Jay Brazil.
We finished off the evening with an awards presentation at the Golf Course. I managed to mess up the Awards a bit but everyone was very understanding and I reckon a bit amused by my lack of organizational skills. I promise to do better next year.
I would really like to thank some people that make the event happen, what a great crew we have here in Pacifica. NorCal Surf Shop, Jeremiah and Shawn have been huge, couldn’t do it without them. Keith Terryberry (Body Glove, Destination Surf, Freestyle) helps me out every year with merchandise and sponsors. Keith has been awesome and a big reason we have been able to hand out such great awards. Steven Baker (Quiksilver) has been a great resource and one of my favorite golfing buddies. Stevens support and advice has been priceless, he supplied us with two Quiksilver full winter wetsuits. Two competitors will be nice and toasty this winter. Adam Stone (Rip Curl) supplied us with lots of goodies from Rip Curl. Thanks Adam!. And finally thanks to all of you that helped and participated. I had a great time hanging out with all of you. Thanks a ton and hope to see you again next year!
Norm Payne

2009 P-Town Classic Results
Surf Contest Results
Mens Division
1 Tyler Payne 137.2
2 Todd Johnson 130.2
3 Joe Grochowski 128.5
4 Casey Smith 125.8
5 Robert Pitt 119
6 Ryan Devine 108.3
7 Daniel Smith 105.9
8 Travis Payne 102
9 Austin Breaux 91.9
10 Adam Neilson 91.7

Masters Division
1 Shawn Rhodes 121.3
2 Kevin Rhodes 115.1
3 Jesse Adams 109.4
4 Jeff Clark 108.7
5 Joel Baldwin 108.2
6 Norm Payne 107.5
7 Tony Poloni 100.1
8 Steven Baker 98.3
9 Adam Stone 88.1
10 Matt Ambrose 86.4

Womens Division
1 Krista Howell 110.6
2 Asi Giassi 91.5
3 Kate Tehaney 85.7
4 Kelly Dwyer 73.1

Golf Tournament Results

Mens Division
1 Daniel Pitt 79
2 Chris Nagel 80
3 Keith Terriberry 88
4 Rich Lee 89
5 Brett Baldwin 91
6 Robert Pitt 98
7 Jordan McWherter 99
8 Casey Lee 100
9 Jeremiah Johnson 101
10 Travis Payne

Masters Division
1 Adam Stone 78
2 Jeff Clark 80
3 Jay Brazil 80
4 Ward Walkup 83
5 Dale Pitt 87
6 Norm Payne 88
7 Matt Ambrose 89
8 Steven Baker 90
9 Jesse Adams 93
10 Tony Poloni 95

Longest Drive – Keith Terriberry 292 yards WOW!
Closest #8 – Tom Carson
Closest #12 – Jeremiah Johnson
Closest #15 – Jay Brazil

Dual Sport and Team Results
Team Division (Surfer + Golfer)
1 Casey Smith / Jay Brazil
2 Todd Johnson / Dale Pitt
3 Kevin Rhodes / Ward Walkup
4 Tyler Payne / Pete Melcher
5 Joe Grochowski / Jeremiah Johnson
6 Joel Baldwin / Brett Baldwin

Mens Dual Sport Division
1 Daniel Pitt
2 Robert Pitt
3 Keith Terriberry
4 Chris Nagle
5 Daniel Smith
6 Travis Payne
7 Rich Lee
8 Jordan McWherter
9 Brian Grasser
Masters Dual Sport Division
1 Jeff Cark
2 Norm Payne
3 Adam Stone
4 Jesse Adams
5 Shawn Rhodes
6 Steven Baker
7 Matt Ambrose
8 Tony Poloni
9 Jason Gasser
10 Johnny Donson