Friday, July 16, 2010


Hi and welcome back to the P-Town Classic. This year we decided to change the name to NORTH COAST CLASSIC, to create a more "global" appeal. We will continue to raise money for Surf Aid ( as well as Doctors Without Borders ( in the 2010 event.

This years event is all set to go on October 30Th and 31st. Saturdays surfing event will be held at Linda Mar Beach (location on beach to be announced). And this year we will get to play golf at the world class Half Moon Bay Ocean course! So bring your A game, the greens play true and the balls roll fast.


As in the years past we will be running a individual, and Team format. This means you can surf and play golf as an individual, or Team up with a surfer, or golfer and "split" the event (one plays golf, the other surfs). Team and individuals DO NOT get scored against each other. There will be separate awards for each division. We will have age divisions pending further entries in the individual category only.

Surfing Coordinator: Steve Dwyer

Event to be held at Linda Mar Beach. Location on Linda Mar to vary depending on swell condition. We will be running a non elimination format. We feel that this makes the event more enjoyable for all levels of surfers. The way this works is each person will surf in 4 heats total throughout the day. The Surfer will ride a short board in 2 heats and a long board in 2 heats (total 4 Heats). No a SUP is not a long board, sorry Jeff. Your FIRST short and FIRST long board heat will be put together randomly of 6 people.
Competitors surf 2 heats of long board, and 2 heats of short board. your first heat score will determine your seeding in the second round.

Golf Coordinator: Dale Pitt

We have made a few changes to this years golf tournament. The biggest change is the location. Golfers will get to play the challenging, and beautiful Ocean Course at Half Moon Bay gold links, Located about 15 minutes south of Pacifica. We will play stroke play through 18 holes. Golfers will start in a "Shot-gun" format. This format allows for all golfers to start and finish at the same time. Diffrent awards will be given for high score, low score, closest to the pin, longest drive...etc.

After we finish the golf tournament, we will combine the scores from both days, and determine the standings.

BBQ and Awards will be given after the Golf tournament in Half Moon Bay.
We are looking forward to seeing you all again in the events 4Th year!!!